Dominic Pearce

Dominic spent much of his youth on his Grandma’s fold out couch watching bizarre art-house cinema, kung fu films and horror movies that were definitely NOT age appropriate.

Despite being a trained journalist, Dom chose his love of film over his childhood dreams of the newsroom- it seemed a lot less depressing. His early film career was primarily music videos, directing and editing several award-winning clips before moving into writing and directing for advertising, feature documentary, TV series and feature films. He adores creative collaboration and prides his work on having lots of heart and a bizarre sense of humour.

In 2017 he released Top Knot Detective, his debut original feature film, co-directed and written with Aaron McCann, which has gone on to play over 35 international film festivals to critical acclaim. He has recently finished his second film – Koko: A Red Dog Story, released nationally in cinemas in the summer of 2019. Dominic is an active listener, and his experience in film production, direction and editing gives him an organisational advantage in any writers’ room. He currently works as a writer and content creator for viral YouTube sensation Ozzy Man Reviews.

Dominic Pearce, Dominic Pearce
Dominic Pearce

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