Jayden James

Jayden is a Victoria-based writer and filmmaker equipped with a breadth of storytelling experience from all stages of production including creative development (Matchbox Pictures), field producing (Survivor US), and feature producing (The Taverna).

When he’s not writing, Jayden spends most of his time reading, exploring remote islands, and re-applying a copious amount of sunscreen.

With a passion for intricate storytelling, his original scripts cover a colourful array of themes and genres from a bush-ranging drama that challenges Australian ideals, to a comedic miniseries about a whimsical South-African travel host unraveling the world, to an animated feature exploring the socio-cultural history of the Himalayan yak herders.

Jayden has also developed several hit series for Australia’s premier production houses, produced shows across the Pacific Islands, and curated some of the country’s most iconic television moments in post production. 

Jayden was first shortlisted for the 2020 Monte Miller Awards with dystopian thriller Golden Soil, clinched the AACTA’s 2022 Reg Grundy Award, and was once again recognised by the 2023 Monte Miller Awards with the poignant animation script, Mā, now featured on AWG’s Pathways Showcase.

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Jayden James, Jayden James
Jayden James


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