Kane Jacobs

The plan was simple… risk everything and prove I can turn an unscrupulous past into an unlikely future in an unpredictable industry.

To this point my journey has consisted of two distinct paths; one defined by environment and immersion in gangs, drugs and crime to the extent I considered my life expendable. The other illuminated by positive influences in the industry whose candour and faith instilled confidence to embrace my messy side – a fresh outlook that essentially saved my life.

As an emerging writer my ambition is to shine a positive light on socioeconomically disadvantaged communities that are repeatedly depicted as ‘less than’ in mainstream media. Showcasing our playful ‘never say die’ way of life as a badge of honour worn with pride rather than the typical portrayal where poverty equates to misery.

In terms of accomplishments, my resumé could be lost in the shuffle but the quest to fulfil my potential has led to a series of mini-milestones; including freelance work, an Advanced Diploma in screenwriting from AFTRS and selection for AFTRS National Talent Camp.

I have always been very protective over my writing; convinced people like me don’t get to work in television. However, despite my relative inexperience I’ve received encouraging feedback from industry professionals that makes me think my role in the television industry could possibly stretch beyond speculating who’ll get their torch snuffed at tribal council.

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Kane Jacobs

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