Lou Sanz

LOU SANZ is a multi-award-winning Spanish-Australian writer of things for stage and screen. Some you might’ve seen like LIFE SUPPORT (ABC), THE PM’S DAUGHTER (ABC), HOW TO STAY MARRIED (CHANNEL 10) and some you haven’t, yet. Lou’s debut feature AUDREY is set for production in late 2022, directed by Natalie Bailey (THICK OF IT, JOE VERSUS CAROLE).

Her dark comedy ELLIE RUINS EVERYTHING (co-created with John Kachoyan), has joined forces with Gambit Media and Orange Entertainment. At the same time, she’ll make her Feature directorial debut on her own new drama LAUGH CLUB (currently part of ATTAGIRL’s international script development lab) and is working on her other TV show, epic period crime drama CONFIDENCE, set in the 1980’s Lygon St strip of Lou’s childhood, both in development thanks to Screen Australia.

Lou was previously a multi-award winning international touring stand-up storyteller with shows like NEVERENDING STORAGE and PLEASE DON’T USE MY FLANNEL FOR THAT.

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Lou Sanz, Lou Sanz
Lou Sanz

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