Luke Martin

Luke is the writer & editor of the intense and thrilling award-winning film ‘EVIE’. His dedication, passion and persistence paid off when EVIE was selected to premiere at the world renowned SITGES Film Festival in Spain. EVIE has since been selected for a dozen film festivals worldwide, winning Best SciFi Short at LA International, Best Horror Short at London International Film Festival, Best Sci Fi/Horror at Fargo Film Festival along with other nominations for Best VFX and Production Design. In addition to EVIE’s success, Luke had a small, yet pivotal credit, writing the lyrics for the award winning film ‘GOOD NIGHT’ by David Vincent Smith. Similarly, this film has gone on to premiere at San Jose Film Festival, FlickerFest and Sedona Film Festival where it won the Audience Award for Best Short. Luke has been passionately involved in the screen industry for over 22 years. Beginning in the exhibition sector, leading to managing multiple cinema complexes he developed an expertise for audience engagement and predicting box office results. Throughout his rise in the exhibition sector, Luke’s continued to build his expertise in storytelling by filming and editing long-form shows continuing through to award winning films. Luke first tasted success in 2009, winning Best Screenplay for RONAN’S ESCAPE, at the Adelaide Film Festival. The film was a significant milestone for Luke, editing his first film shot on traditional 16mm & 35mm film. Through the mid-2000’s Luke built his reputation as an Editor with an eye for style and pace editing hour-long motorsport events. During this time he edited (along with additional filming) the highly-specific and incredibly fulfilling documentary about Australia’s most celebrated motorsport hero, Peter Brock. Luke spent time in Los Angeles working on editing numerous projects including 2009 animated Mel Brooks SPACEBALLS trailers, re-editing the feature film BALD, music videos for Lil Romeo and a low budget sitcom pilot CLUB FIJI. Luke has received development funding from Screenwest’s TeleNavigator program for a TV crime drama series he is developing and is continuing to develop other film and TV projects.

Luke Martin, Luke Martin
Luke Martin

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