Oliver Kerr

Oliver Kerr is a queer and neurodiverse actor and writer with a keen interest in relationship drama, adaptation, and genre bending and combing.

They have an optimistic outlook on the human condition in all its twisted forms, perhaps stemming from their own experiences navigating marginalised spaces. Oliver writes and creates from an autistic, trans-masculine, non-binary, queer viewpoint, and while that may sound like a lot to handle, rest assured they’re generally quite bubbly and relaxed in person.

Previous collaborators in theatre development, playwriting, and screenwriting tout Oliver’s generosity with their personal experiences and perspectives. Ollie simply believes that the best stories are grown from truth, no matter the genre, and raw honesty and vulnerability is the best way to get there.

Ollie graduated from Curtin University in 2023 having studied theatre, film, creative writing, and cultural studies, and has since moved to Sydney, eager to make their lifelong passion for storytelling a profession.

They completed the AWG First Break workshops in May and June of 2024 and found interest in note-taking and script co-ordinating with the long-term goal of working in a writers’ room.


Oliver Kerr, Oliver Kerr
Oliver Kerr

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