Olivia Horner

Olivia is an emerging screenwriter with an interest in writing drama and comedy. She is passionate about putting Australian stories onscreen.

Olivia relocated to Melbourne from Queensland in 2016 to study screenwriting. In 2018, she graduated from the RMIT Advanced Diploma in Professional Screenwriting program, where she was awarded the Erin Thomas prize for Most Enterprising Student. Olivia is an active and enthusiastic member of the Australian Writers’ Guild Victorian Committee. Most recently, she spearheaded a Guild initiative to connect Victorian students with professional screenwriters.

Writers’ rooms are Olivia’s happy place. In 2019, Olivia was invited to be an observer in the writers’ room for a drama series in development for streaming platform, Stan. She quickly took on a research role in the room and was asked to contribute to future storylines and pitch loglines for the show. Olivia completed Alli Parker’s script co-ordinating and note-taking workshop in February 2020. Since then, she has worked as a note-taker for two upcoming comedy series: The Followers with comedy duo Goodall and Gallagher, and My Friend Anxiety from the creator of Netflix’s Rostered On.

Olivia was a note-taker long before she set foot in a writers’ room. Having logged hundreds of hours taking notes for workshops, focus groups, interviews and meetings, she knows how to capture a room. Olivia prides herself on delivering comprehensive, well-structured and meaningful notes on time, every time.

Olivia Horner, Olivia Horner
Olivia Horner

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