Patrick Taylor

Patrick was selected to take part in the inaugural First Break NSW program. He successfully completed the program in June 2022.

Patrick Taylor is a young writer born and based in central Sydney, undertaking the postgraduate Master of Moving Image degree at the University of Sydney. He has written creatively from a young age. Combined with an interest in film theory and production, he expanded into screenwriting, taking the Introduction to Screenwriting course at AFTRS and working on screenplays both for university and leisure.

He has supported his studies with a position at a transcription office; there, exposure to police interviews and court proceedings granted him both direct access to the experiences of people in the justice system, and a greater understanding of how real Australians communicate and tell their stories. He has extensive knowledge and interest in all film history, but a particular enthusiasm for horror, thrillers, and unique storytellers. In his free time, he can be found reading, playing video games, or tinkering with technology new and old.

Patrick Taylor, Patrick Taylor
Patrick Taylor




  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Thriller

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