Rhianna Malezer

Rhianna Malezer is a proud Butchulla/Kamilaroi filmmaker and co-founder of DHURA-LI Mob – a Meanjin-based First Nations Film Collective that aims to provide a culturally safe space for Indigenous creatives/filmmakers to connect, collaborate and support each other in navigating the film industry.

With a decade of experience in Art Department roles, Rhianna began her screenwriting career on Season 4 of ABC’s ‘BLACK COMEDY’. She completed a SQ Attach writer’s attachment on Ludo Studio’s ‘THE STRANGE CHORES’ in 2019 and was shortlisted for Screen Queensland’s Greg Coote Scholarship 2020. Her web-series pilot script ‘BITING DUST’ earnt her a place in AFTRS National Talent Camp 2020 and the Equity Foundation’s Diversity Showcase 2021 (as a writer/director). More recently, Rhianna’s limited drama series ‘SUBURBAN BEATS’ received early development funding and mentorship from Leah Purcell and Bain Stewart via Screen Queensland’s First People’s First Draft initiative.

While exploring themes of healing, identity and belonging, Rhianna delights in the unexpected – often tenderly weaving humour and fantasy through tales of struggle and survival. Driven to create narrative screen content that reflects her family and community, there is nothing that excites Rhianna more than centring Blak resilience and joy

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Rhianna Malezer


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