Rozalie Lakin

ROZALIE LAKIN is an emerging female Filipino writer with a passion for writing stories.

She completed her Screen and Media studies back in 2017 and began her career as a Production Assistant in reality TV.  Rozalie has since worked as a Production Coordinator, Transcriber and Associate Post Producer. Her experience in pre and post production has helped her build valuable skills in organising, live-logging and administration, all of which helped her support her senior peers. Rozalie is wanting to direct her career into script writing. She completed Screen Canberra’s Screen Pod program where she pitched story ideas to industry professionals for feedback. She also attended ACE’s Note-Taking program which was led by SBS’ Development Executive, Catherine Kelleher. Rozalie is keen to be able to contribute her skills and assist the writer’s in the process.

Rozalie Lakin, Rozalie Lakin
Rozalie Lakin

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